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The idea that a firm has to pay an arm and a leg for modern teleconferencing is a myth; one that 1800Conferencing.com was created to dispel. Our inexpensive toll free 800 conferencing service weighs in at a mere 1.9 cents per minute, making it massively affordable for companies that require a high-quality, U.S. and Canada conference call solution that won't break the bank. Compared to other teleconferencing solutions, ours presents one of the lowest costs per minute in the industry. Couple that with a connection that is second to none, and you realize that you may have been wasting thousands of dollars a year on teleconferencing costs. The time to switch is now.

Because we are aware of security concerns (especially due to the low cost factor) 1800 Conferencing has developed a network that is highly secure, utilizing the latest in modern technology, coupled with a uniquely-designed security solution to ensure a crisp, clear teleconference with information reaching its intended audience consistently. Our system was developed with up to 65,000 ports enabling us to route as much as 8.5 billion minutes per year. When you look at our system from this perspective, it's easy to understand how we can afford such low rates for our business teleconferencing clients. Over the years we have developed this system in order to ensure that our clients are guaranteed the best of all worlds.

Not to be outdone in the customer service department, 1800Conferencing.com offers highly trained back-office support alongside customer service teams that are able to handle almost any situation that may arise. We understand the importance of a well-trained support staff due to our years of experience in the field. Cutting edge technology is one thing, but unless there's a customer service team to back it up, the end result is not a very good system. Because we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, we provide support that ensures that our clients enjoy the highest quality of service imaginable. We combine the easy usability of a well-designed system with the complexity of a secure network.

1800Conferencing.com was founded in 2001 and from then to now, this Charlotte-based teleconferencing provider has grown a lot. We base our service on the understanding that delivery to the customer is out highest priority. To this end, we intend to provide high quality, affordable service for years to come, keeping in mind our dedication to user-friendly service and backed by professionalism, integrity, and emphasis on innovation to provide better solutions for our clients in the future.

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