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1-800 Conferencing

1-800 Conferencing is a leader in low cost toll free 800 conference calls and free teleconferencing. We are dedicated to building inexpensive cutting-edge products and services that encourage collaboration and communications for business and organizations of any size. With affordable audio conference calling features and the lowest rates in the industry, groups can have meetings often and conveniently without worrying about expensive bills.


Lowest 800 Toll Free Rate: Our toll free 800 conference calling service is only 1.9˘ per minute, saving you up to 80%.
Free Conferencing: We provide a free toll dial in access number to utilize our conferencing service absolutely free.
Excellent Conference Quality: Superior call quality and secure network infrastructure.
No Commitments: Use our service for free or pay as you go for what you need. No contracts, no long term commitments to sign, you’re not locked in to anything with us!
No Equipment needed and No Switching Carriers: No need buy equipment or cancel your existing long distance provider to use our service.
Fully Automated: On demand, fully automated reservation-less conference calls 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
Available 24/7 365 days a year from Any Phone: Use any phone such as office phones, cell phones, home or pay phones. At any time you need.
Free Activation: Quick and Free Activation, along with No Setup Fees or No Installation Costs.
No Extra Charges: No Hidden Charges, No connection charges, No Hidden Fees, No Gimmicks - Guaranteed.
No Cancellation Fees: No Penalty fees and No deactivation fees.
Guaranteed Rates: One Rate, 24/7, No time or day restrictions
1-Minute Billing & No Fees: No Fees & a low 1 minute billing increment, save time and money.
Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits


Free Call Recording: Free call recording and simple to use and download.
Waiting Room: Waiting room for early arrivals to your conference call.
Reservation-less: Reservation-less conference calls available 24/7 from anywhere to anywhere. No expensive operator assistance needed.
International Global Access: Connect global participants from over 30 countries to your audio conference bridge in seconds.
Multiple Connection Options: Toll & Toll-Free Dial-In Access, and Dial Out.
Easy To Use Phone Commands: Activate commands such as mute all, dial out, & record all from your phone.
Auto-Recharge: A convenient way to ensure you always have 800 conferencing minutes.
View Call Records online, No Paper Billing: No more bills sent in the mail, all Call Details shown in your account.
Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%
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