How to Save Money on my Conference Call Service?

Business conference calling is a vital tool for most people to conduct everyday business. Conferencing in the not so distant past used to cost up to $1.00 per minute and be ridiculously expensive, but now there are services offering conference calls for free.

At, our toll free 800 number is super affordable at only 1.9¢ per minute to access our conferencing bridge. Utilizing the toll free 800 per minute rate may actually be cheaper than dialing free toll numbers for some users because they will do not incur long distance charges on their bill from their telephone company.

We offer free conferencing too. Our audio conferencing service provides a free toll access number for moderators and participants to use nationwide and from Canada. We do not charge your conference account when using this dial in number, but you may incur long distance charges. It is up to you to decide what dial in method is the most cost efficient means for your company and clients to host your conference calls.

We also offer Local Access number in hundreds of cities in the U.S., Canada, and from over 30 international countries. At only 1.5¢ per minute, this is truly another inexpensive option to save you on your conference calls. is also economical to use when calling in from all the international Countries to like United Kingdom, France, Mexico and Japan.

If your spending $200 per month on a conference service that charges to $0.10 per minute on 800 toll free access, then you overpaying. With our service you will only pay about $40 per month, which is an 80% savings and almost $2000.00 per year in profits back to your business bottom.

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