How to start Conferencing? conference call service is easy and convenient to use. You do not need to talk to an operator and make a reservation, no need to purchase equipment, and there are no contracts.

To start conferencing today is simple:

A. The host or moderator provides the participants the access number and 7 digit conference code to join the conference call at scheduled time set by the moderator.

B. Moderator begins the conference call by dialing access number, entering the 7 digit conference code, and then the security code.

C. Participants dial access number provided by the moderator, and then enter the 7 digit conference code to join the call.

Up to 50 total participants may be on a conference call & no reservations are needed.

Participants will be placed in a waiting room if they joined the call prior to the moderator.

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Host a meeting anytime and from almost anywhere. We are simply a low cost conference call solution for business to save money and make use of.

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