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With our 800 toll free conferencing cost at only 1.9 per minute, you and your participants can enjoy conference calls within the U.S. and Canada for less than the cost of a regular long distance call. Plus we have a toll dial-in number you can use which is absolutely free for conferences. Additionally, we provide local access numbers throughout the USA, Canada, and over 30 Countries for your convenience. Its your choice what you and your clients use to conference dial-in for convenience and saving money.
per minute
When using our toll dial-in free access number for USA & Canada.
per minute
Using our 800 Toll Free Access Number for USA & Canada.
per minute
From one of our many International, Canada & USA Local Access Numbers.
No Contracts, No Minimums, No Fees. Risk Free satisfaction guarantee or your money back!
Note: Dialing an 800 Toll Free or a Local Access Number from your city/state maybe cheaper for you and your participants, rather than dialing long distance.

International dial in access.

Only 1.5 per minute when utilizing our International Access Numbers. We recognize that you may do business worldwide. So we have some of the lowest international access rates for conducting or participating in conferences from over 30 countries. Below is a list of the countries we provide international access. We may be able to provide additional countries upon request.

Australia - Melbourne
Australia - Sydney
Belgium - Antwerp
Brazil - Rio De Janeiro
Canada - Calgary
Canada - Edmonton
Canada - Montreal
Canada - Toronto
Canada - Vancouver
Chile - Santiago
Czech Republic - Prague
El Salvador
Finland - Helsinki
France - Paris
Greece - Athens
Hong Kong
Ireland - Dublin
Israel - Tel Aviv
Italy - Rome
Japan - Tokyo
Mexio - Mexico City
Mexico - Monterrey
Netherlands - Amsterdam
Norway - Oslo
Poland - Warsaw
South Africa
Spain - Madrid
Switzerland - Geneva
Switzerland - Zurich
United Kingdom - London
Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

International dial out

Please check the rates below. Just select the country you will be dialing out to for a conference call, and you will see the rate that is offered when using the dial out feature.
Select Country
Note: If you are on a conference call with 3 participants, each of whom reside in the USA (for example) the cost per minute for 800 toll free access is 1.9 times three (because there are 3 participants) or 5.7 per minute.

Free Recording: When choosing to record your conference call you will be charged 0/min.

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